"Talk to God about Man before talking to Man about God."




The sponsor should know the candidate at least one year prior to sponsoring them on a weekend.
To sponsor a candidate you must be in reunion group.
The sponsor is to obtain and submit the application.
Applications for married couples are submitted at the same time; one will not be processed without the other.
A married woman cannot attend a weekend before her husband has made his weekend, except with Secretariat approval (which is rarely given).
The candidate's pastor must sign the application.
It is important for the integrity of Via de Cristo that new cursillistas wait one (1) year from making their weekend before sponsoring a candidate. 
It is highly recommended that you keep the number of candidates you sponsor, for any given weekend, to three (3).





Getting the candidate to/from the weekend.

Being available throughout the weekend for any special needs the candidate or their family may have.

Be available to serve meals so the candidate sees their sponsor's support throughout the weekend.

If the candidate has a special diet need/food allergy etc., the sponsor is to provide those special foods and prepare or make arrangements for the preparing of the meals/snacks for the candidate.

Praying in the Palanca Chapel throughout the weekend or whenever possible.

Being available to the candidate's family should any need arise.

Bringing wives to the wives' meeting on Friday.

bullet Monitoring the candidate for one year after their weekend, making sure they get into a reunion group and/or reunion with the candidate until they do find a reunion group. This is another reason for men to sponsor men and women to sponsor women.

Bring the candidate to future weekends to help them get involved and familiarize them with the behind the scenes activity in putting on a Via de Cristo weekend (set-up, tear down, kitchen, Palanca chapel).

Making sure the candidate knows about/attends Ultreyas and assist in getting them to the Ultreya.

Make sure the candidate gets to the post meeting after their weekend.

Solicit Palanca letters from family and friends.

Deliver Palanca Letters to the weekend from family members, wives as well as friends. Letters are to be delivered before 11:00 AM on Sunday of the weekend. If married, the spouse's letter MUST be delivered.

Explain the weekend cost that someone before them paid for them and it is requested that they pay for those coming behind them. If as a sponsor one feels lead to pay for the candidate's weekend as a blessing to that candidate, then by all means do so; however it is not necessary unless you know of a candidate's hardship to pay.


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